Green Fuels Limited (GFL) is in the business of supplying natural gas to Industries located in areas where piped natural gas is not available. GFL compresses the natural gas (CNG) and transports it using high pressure specially designed tube trailers. The company is setting up both self owned and franchise refueling station in Ogun State to supply CNG to converted vehicles.

CNG is cheaper automotive fuel and also reduces environmental pollution. Green Fuels is set up in collaboration with Clean Energy Development Corporation CEDC. The operation is designed to exceed world class standard of safety.

GFL system is in line with Nigeria Government’s initiative to utilize Nigeria’s vast gas resources and to reduce environmental pollution. The company has two business divisions:

Industrial Division

Industrial Division supplies CNG to industrial consumers who use it with power generation and fuel needs. These customers use natural gas as a replacement of other fuels (petrol, diesel, etc)

Automotive Division

Automotive division plans to supply compressed natural gas for automotive use. GFL has tie-ups with manufacturer of conversion kits and is setting up state of the art workshop facilities to convert petrol and diesel vehicles to CNG.


Provide best of services to the industrial customers and to the users of Natural Gas Vehicles, in Nigeria and its adjoining countries by having a well designed, state-of art, processing and distribution system, adhering to international safety standards through its continually growing transporting system, CNG refuelling stations and automobile conversion facilities, having a year to year double digit growth together with having the largest market share in the zone of operation.


Provide its customers and all other stakeholders with the highest value for money by a structured process that will make the company a business leader, having market dominance in supply, processing and distribution of natural gas by incorporating the latest available, safe technology and continual training of workforce. GFL makes use of indigenous raw material to provide an economic fuel substitute, reduce environmental pollution and serve the nation by reducing the waste of its precious energy resource.