Our objective is to promote the reliable and clean fuel that is high quality natural gas, a fuel found in abundance in Nigeria with tremendous advantages as compared to conventional fuels such as petrol, diesel, and LPG in industrial applications.

GFL has primary activities in the provision of CNG for use in industrial power generation and process heat applications. CNG as a fuel is cleaner (environmentally friendly), safer, cheaper, and benefits from a less volatile market than conventional fossil fuels, as well as being an appropriate fuel for waste heat recovery.

However, as natural gas is transported directly to consumers by networks of pipelines, its use in industry is traditionally restricted to those with access to a pipeline connection. The pipeline system in Nigeria is reasonably nascent and underdeveloped, leaving large areas with high densities of industrial consumers without access to gas. GFL provides a proven solution to this through our Gas on Wheels CNG technology, which enables us to transport suitable volumes of CNG to such consumers by road.

Our partnerships and strategic ties to highly reputed global experts in natural gas, power generation, equipment supply, and EPC contracting ensure that GFL utilizes industry leading technology and operates to the highest international safety standards.